3 reasons to use CDN77


Transparent Pay-As-You-Go and monthly pricing plans. Cost-effective solutions without any hidden fees and commitments.

35 PoPs worldwide

SSD-based data centers all around the world with more than $14 Tbps+ network capacity. Set up active data centers according to your needs.

Latest technology

TLS 1.3, Brotli, HTTP/2 Server Push, Let’s Encrypt supported CDN.

What our customers say about us

Simple & Powerful API
Very fast & helpful support
Great real time reporting
No hidden costs
Full edge locations control
Easy-to-understand interface
No credit card needed


Cost-effective worldwide packages. Month-to-month basis, no yearly commitments.

Worldwide traffic

6 TB$199/m
25 TB$399/m
50 TB$599/m
100 TB$999/m


6 TB$0.049/GB
25 TB$0.045/GB
50 TB$0.029/GB
100 TB$0.019/GB
Plan6 TB25 TB50 TB100 TB
Worldwide traffic$199/m$399/m$599/m$999/m

Plans include all North American & European PoPs, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.
Looking for a custom high-volume plan? Contact us to get a quote.

Free services

24/7 live chat support

Instant unshared SSL

50 GB storage

Existing SSL certificate installation

Additional services

CDN storage

50 GB of Storage for free

Reduce the load for your servers. Host large files on our storage.

Whether you’ve got loads of data or just a few gigabytes, use our storage to secure and distribute your media, files and online content.

Storage Capacity50 GB150 GB500 GB1 TB2 TB5 TB
CDN Storage PriceFree$20/mo$60/mo$95/mo$150/mo$295/mo
Max. number of files500k500k500kno limitno limitno limit
Need more space?

Raw logs

Full information on CDN files for $49/month/CDN Resource available once a day for download from the client control panel or through API.

Raw logs include: date, timezone, data center location, client IP, request type, domain, URL, HTTP response code, response size and hit/miss.

Raw logs are collected for last 3 days up to 1 million hits per day. If you need more hits, contact our sales.

35 data centers
14 Tbps+ network capacity