CDN Logs

Our logs give you the ability to mine your data for valuable insights. Learn who has been accessing your content, from where and much more.


We provide 2 types of logs

Free sampled logs

With sampled logs, we take a sample of your traffic to be shown in the report so you can check that everything is fine with your settings. This report is free for each and every CDN Resource that you have and would in most cases give you enough information.

Raw logs

This service gives you detailed non-sampled reports about your hits for last three days and up to 1 million hits per day. This service is priced at $49 per CDN Resource per month and you can activate it in your Client Portal.

CDN Logs preview

Features of logs

Big picture

With the sample or raw logs, you can get the big picture. This can help you optimize your website in order to decrease CDN costs.

Full control

You can activate or deactivate raw logs whenever you feel like it.


Retrieve a sample listing of your CDN Logs. The logs contain time of request, data center, client IP, file name and HTTP status.

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