WordPress Integration

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One of the advantages of having an awesome product is that you get amazing customers as a bonus. Oftentimes they share their experience with others to make the whole web faster.

Not that long ago, we covered the ASP.NET integration by the guys from ArtfulBits.com which you can access here. Now we want to share some articles on WordPress integration, that we found on the web.

The first one comes courtesy of Vijay Kudal. In his blog he explains what a Content Delivery Network is and what benefits it brings. He, then, walks the reader through the setup process and integration with WordPress through Total Cache, which will cause “an explosive improvement in your site performance and page loading time”. You can access the article here.

The second article was written by Kumar Gauraw, where he also explains how to integrate WordPress with a CDN, but in addition goes through his personal experience with different CDN providers and compares them. Follow this link to read the whole post.

We would like to thank Vijay and Kumar, as well as everybody, who is trying to make the web a faster place.

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