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At CDN77.com we serve a variety of different customers. From video distribution (VOD) and e-commerce sites to games or software delivery and also let’s not forget small and mid-sized blogs – we make sure we meet all of our client’s requirements. To do so, we have to put strong emphasis on choosing the right servers with accordingly performing drives to fulfill the needs of every segment. You know, to get you as close to speed of light as possible (no spacesuit required)!

And so, if there’s one thing we like to boast about, it’s our hardware. In order to bring you the best service, we chose and buy the best solutions only so our infrastructure is currently built exclusively with our own hardware. We are using high quality HTTP cache servers Intel SSDs, 128 – 256 GB RAM / node in each of our locations with 2 x 10G uplink on each server in our network. The standard usage is under 50% to keep basic redundancy. If you use our CDN storage, your data is safely stored on one of our 2U storage servers, each equipped with 12 – 24 SSDs.

Are you blown away already? You should be, because on the top of that, our current customizable equipment allows us to provide redundant cache and traffic capacities, moreover and most importantly it allows us to increase the capacities anytime to meet current market demands.

And all of this is for you, our dear customers, because we care and we want you to get the best there is.

Your CDN77.com team

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