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We know that you rely on our CDN. That’s why we are so eager to have 100% uptime. We strive to distribute your content under any circumstances and we had long been thinking about new ways to deliver your assets. Then it hit us.

What we see as a major step forward is the technology described in RFC 1149: IP protocol implemented over avian carriers (IPoAC). For the last few months, we have been beta testing and collecting enough pigeons to be able to cover any traffic peaks. On the 1st of April, we have rolled out the support for all users.

Each postal pigeon carries a memory card with a complete copy of your website so once the connection is open, the average transfer speed is extremely high. This kind of connection, though, may have difficulties with the time to first byte. We take the pigeons’ latency issues very seriously and are currently beta testing hawks as a possible replacement on the physical layer.

In some areas, we encountered significant packet loss. After a thorough investigation, we learned these locations correlate tightly with the natural habitat of bald eagle which is preying on our packets carrying pigeons. For that reason, the PoPs in North America will not support IPoAC at this moment. We believe once we deploy the hawks into production, we’ll be able to roll out the support in North America as well.

This delivery method is in line with our commitment to protect the environment. While Facebook and Google try to extend the reach of the internet by drones and balloons which are both expensive to manufacture and take their toll on ecology, our pigeons are procreating naturally, with a great pleasure and running them brings absolutely zero carbon footprint.

As with Brotli and HTTP/2, we are happy to be once again the first CDN provider to roll out a new technology. And here is a sneak peak on this new technology package.

Our Crew:

sgt. Pigeon Jacob
Lt. Pigeon Mordor
Lt. Pigeon Mordor
New recruits from bad neighborhood
New recruits from bad neighborhood

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