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Tired of constantly scanning subnets looking for a specific pingable IP? You can relax. We have something for you. At, we are proud to present our brand new online tool to help you find pingable IPs for any subnet, instantly – the IP-Radar. A tool we’ve been using for quite some time for our own purposes and we now decided to share it with you.

Our mission is to save time. Our CDN service saves time to your end users. This tool saves time to your network guys. Oh and one more thing, it’s completely free.  

If you are a network specialist and you administer a network, chances are you’ve experienced a situation like this: a client reports some network problems, however, in order to discover the cause of the problem, you need to know the specific IP address of the reference point within the target network.

Every team probably has its own method to approach this task. Although, normally you would have to go through subnets, look for IP addresses and then verify possible packet losses. We created a powerful tool to scratch our own itch that greatly facilitates the search for addresses.

It can now scratch your itch too.

IP-Radar is a unique database of pingable IP addresses on the internet. To find the desired IP address of any subnet worldwide, you simply enter an IP subnet or an Autonomous System Number. You will be then provided with the following information: list of subnets, pingable IPs in a given subnet, amount of received packets for each subnet and the Round-Trip delay Time (RTT). This can save network admins a great deal of time each month. It has surely worked for us.

IP-Radar Desktop | Mobile
IP-Radar Desktop | Mobile

Furthermore, you can apply the IP-Radar data in your scripts with the API interface, which would return the results of a query in JSON. Scripting API instruction can be found on the IP-Radar site.

The tool is available to everyone anytime at for free. Those of you dealing with issues on the road, there’s also a comprehensive mobile version.

We hope you’ll find this tool helpful. Make sure to let us know.

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