Implementing CDN with WordPress

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Before you take any steps please backup your site and database (just to be sure).

1) Install W3 Total Cache plugin to your WordPress blog:

  • Log into your WordPress administration section
  • Go to Plugins and click on Add New. There are two ways how to add the plugin:
    • Download the W3 Total Cache plugin from website  (You don’t need to unzip this file)
    • Click on the Upload link in the top navigation bar
    • Click on the Choose File button and browse to the W3 Total Cache plugin you downloaded
    • Click on the Install now button to install the extension into your website


    • Click on the Search link in the top navigation bar
    • Type W3 Total Cache in the input and click on Search Plugins
    • Select Install now
  • Click on “Activate” to run the plugin.

2) Configuring the W3T plugin with our CDN:

  • In the side menu find the Performance tab and click on it to open W3T main configuration
  • Scroll down to the CDN section
  • Check “Enable” and select “Generic Mirror” from “CDN type” drop down
  • Click “Save all settings” as shown in the image:

  • In the side menu under Performance or in the horizontal menu at top of the page click on CDN link.
  • Scroll down to the “Configuration” section and enter your CDN url in the input “Replace site’s hostname with: “. (You will find the url on the page CDN list in CDN77 client section).
  • Click “Save all settings“.

  • Go back to General settings. Click on the “Deploy” button, then on “Save all settings” as shown in the picture:

Note: If by clicking on Deploy you are forwarded to this page: “WordPress Failure Notice”. With content: Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again. Click on Please try again. Now you should see a yellow header at the top. Click on the Deploy button in that instead.

You are now using CDN!

To verify, go to your webpage and view the page source. Details here.

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