CDN77 Outstanding Performance Report Based on Real Users !

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Here is a big question many of you may wonder … with such a competitive price CDN77 offers, does the service come with high quality?

Here is the answer, in short – YES !

With half of the costs or even less, our performance is just as good as the biggest players on the CDN market… or even better 🙂

This has been confirmed by a recent report by CloudHarmony – a provider of objective cloud analyses and reports. This particular report, focused on CDN performance, compares real user latency and throughput performance of each major CDN in 6 continents.

The graph below summarizes the overall performance in different regions.

Mean CDN latency – Aggregate

We are proud to say we are THE BEST provider in South America !
The graph below speaks for itself. As you can see we outperform the market leaders as well as everyone else in this region. And with the recently added PoP in Chile (as our third PoP in South America), the speed is going to be even higher.

Mean CDN latency in South America 

This is a test result based on REAL users. Please note that there are many aspect that can affect the speed and certain adjustment must be made in order to optimize the performance.

Want to test the CDN77 performance on your real traffic?
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