Sample of raw logs feature |

CDN Raw Access Logs are Launching

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We’re excited to announce the much awaited release today! Here is a sneaky peak of what raw logs feature is about.

Sample of raw logs feature |
Sample of raw logs feature |

Have you ever been interested in information such as:

  • How many people and from what locations have viewed a specific file during a given period?
  • What is the cache hit/miss ratio for specific POPs?
  • Is any unknown website loading images from your CDN?

These and many more can be easily found in raw logs reports. This is a premium feature and we offer it for $49 per CDN per month. Original, sampled logs are remaining free of charge.

Raw logs are available for download from client control panel or through API, so that it’s easy to integrate the logs into your applications.

Raw Logs in My Client |

As the image above shows, you can download the report from your client section. We store the data for last three days and up to 1 million hits per day.

If you find raw logs interesting, feel free to activate them under CDN -> Raw Logs in your client section for each of your CDN resources.