10 Ways To Measure Your Website’s Performance

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Ever since Google announced on it’s blog that your website speed would affect your search results its become increasingly more important to ensure your website loads quickly. Website owners should take a real interest in breaking down their website performance and finding out which areas need improvement. Whether you run a small online store, host HD videos or have a live stream, you’ll want to test the load time of your website objects. Knowing which areas need further optimization allows you to better understand your website and it’s various components. As a result you’ll be able to better maintain and increase your traffic which in turn can increase your conversion rates and revenue.

In this article we’ll provide you with ten websites that provide users with useful tools on how to measure their website’s performance.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This is a free service that anyone can use. You’re not forced to sign up or register an account. Once PageSpeed has analyzed your website you’ll be given a list of suggestions which are rated with a priority indicator.


Google PageSpeed Insights


While their free service is limited to single web page scans , users willing to sign up for their full product will get access to a full range of tools and customer support. These range from an in depth css analysis to optimization tools that can automatically improve your website content.

Zoompf screenshot


This website tool uses two services to grade your website’s performance – Google Page View and Yahoo! Yslow. You’ll receive recommendations on which areas need improvement along with advice on how to further optimize your site. It also has an extensive archive of helpful articles and tips.

GTmetrix screenshotDotCom Monitor

This is a simple tool that allows you to test your website across multiple browsers like Chrome, IE and Firefox. Your results will also show which specific elements and objects need improvement. Media website owners will definitely find the video streaming media test convenient in measuring frame rates, buffering time and average bytes per second.

Web Page Speed Test



Has numerous features that allow you to test your website’s performance from multiple locations and compare past results with ease so you can better understand your graphs. You’ll also be able to test the loading of individual objects like HTML, css, images and iFrames which give you an idea on what needs improvement.

Pingdom screenshot


Load Impact

For owner’s of high content websites this service may be just for you. Their core features include large scale load tests, geographic distribution of load as well as emulating user scenarios. This can provide some crucial information for websites that deal with high traffic.

Load Impact screenshot



Allows you to test from several locations in order to compare results from different locations. While their performance tools may not be extensive, you’ll be able to quickly compare these results with other services.

Gomez screenshot



Here you can make comparisons between different websites which can come in handy when you want to see how well your website stands up against your competition. The built-in mobile feature is also a great way to see how well your site is optimized for mobile devices.

WebPageTest screenshot



This website uses a combination of four open source tools – Google Page Speed Insights, WebPage Test, YSLow and dynaTrace AJAX Edition. You can also compare results from different times in order to better understand your site’s traffic behaviour. If you don’t want the results publicly displayed then simply download their application and run it on your own server.

ShowSlow screenshot


Web Site Optimization

Allows you to quickly run a scan that displays vital information on your various page sizes and download time. With this information you’ll be able to get a basic speed analysis on each web page which is great for owner’s of large blogs.

WebSiteOptimization screenshot


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